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 A B O U T  O N E C A T

OneCat Studio is a recording facility based at Antenna Studios, Crystal Palace(London, zone 3).Since starting OneCat in 2007, Jon Clayton has worked from a number of different locations, always with the aim of giving artists and bands an opportunity to create high quality recordings at a reasonable price.

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Tel: 07851 520205


The team at Crystal Palce have worked hard to bring the calm and creative atmosphere of OneCat into the existing sense of community already at Antenna.

OneCat has an array of top quality microphones and pre-amps to make sure the detail of your sound is captured perfectly, some great instruments and amps to play with and high spec outboard effects for mixing. 

Jon Clayton is a highly experienced recording engineer and has co-produced a number of albums at OneCat. Efficient, creative and well respected by those who have worked with him, he is as happy working with solo artists demoing ideas, as he is working with signed bands recording an album, or DIY projects that need a bit of enhancement.

OneCat can also meet your mixing and mastering needs, so get in touch if you'd like to book the studio or discuss a project.

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